“There are as many styles of beauty as there are visions of happiness” Stendhal

4INTERIOR was born in 2008 as a crazy idea in the middle of the night. It was an online shop with home decorations, lighting and furniture, started as a hobby. It was my dream which taught me what means to be an entrepreneur, and how to build a brand from nothing in the incipient eCommerce market of Romania in full recession. After a while, my husband became part of my dream being my advisor and at 7 years the online shop was sold and we followed another path.

Being both of us interior designers with backgrounds in sales, marketing and management, me as KARE Design Business Manager of the Marbella franchise and my husband with a previous 8 years position as Country Sales Manager, we are now the perfect team for a new project.

Like Phoenix bird, 4interior was reborn in strength and power. This time in the sunny and beautiful Marbella. Now it’s Emilian’s dream and business with me being his advisor. I am full of confidence in which we’ll manage to do together and I know our complementary natures will drive us to success. We aim to cover Spain territory and then to pass the borders

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4interior.es offers you amazing products for your home – wallpaper, wall art, accessories, lightings and out of the box furniture. Because we are true believers of this Alain de Botton quote ”Beauty is a promise of happiness”. It’s the time you believe in this, so choose the most spectacular items in order to surround you with what suits your personality.

We will offer you also design services as part of the buying process with items from the shop, or as a separate full and proper interior design 3D proposal.

IT’S YOU who matters! You may be bold and courageous choosing the most eclectic way, or you may be the clean and straight-line lover. We are here for you, a small, family-run business with a strong belief in our customers’ happiness.

Diana Chivu       
Happiness Ambassador